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Husband and pregnant wife die in ghastly motor accident, 3-year-old son survives

On Sunday, February 13, a Nigerian man and his pregnant wife were killed in a horrific car accident along the Suleja road, but their 3-year-old boy miraculously survived.

The couple, identified as Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad Bagudu Abdulrahman, were driving with their son, Amir, when their automobile collided with a truck, shattering it totally. Both the man and his wife died instantly.

According to a Facebook post by Comr. Lanre Sadiq, the young youngster is currently receiving treatment at an unnamed hospital.

“WHAT CAN’T GOD DO?” Amir, the surviving son of late Mr and Mrs Mohammad Bagudu Abdulrahman, who died in a terrible vehicle accident along Suleja road early today, has finally survived.

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“He was previously believed dead, but the good news is that Amir survived an accident that occurred in the early hours of today, while his parents were killed.” What an adventure!

“The miraculous boy, who is three years old, is now undergoing treatment. Let us all pray that this young boy survives this catastrophe. Malam Abdulrahman Bagudu, the father, is no longer alive, and his pregnant wife is no longer alive….. What an adventure of a life.

“Indeed, Almighty God is Great; may the souls of his parents continue to receive Allah’s kindness (Rahman), provide the family the strength to accept the will of Mightiest God, and watch over the tiny child and grant him healthy health.” He penned something.


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