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Man k.ills girlfriend’s roommate for not allowing him to have se.x in the hostel

A man has ended the life of his girlfriend’s roommate for blocking him from entering their hostel room with brutal force ostensibly to have a good time with his lover.

This unfortunate incident that happened in Kenya has left many astounded.

A first-year female student at Kenya’s Laikipia University’s main campus was killed by a man who was allegedly her roommate’s boyfriend.

The incident allegedly occurred on Thursday, September 29, 2021, in the institution’s Peka hostels, following which Ezra attempted suicide.

When other students realized what he had done, they surrounded him and began stoning him.

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The police rescued the suspected murderer while he was in critical condition. According to a witness, the man, who had traveled from Nakuru, had paid a visit to his girlfriend last week, but they had a falling out.

During the argument, his girlfriend called 911, accusing him of forcing his way into their room.

The hostel’s management ejected him and warned him not to return. However, armed with a knife, he returned on Wednesday and murdered her suspected girlfriend’s roommate.

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