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Man leaves lady stranded after she came to 1st date with 3 friends to eat food worth GHC600

A young Ghanaian man has recounted how he ran away from paying some bills after a lady he asked on a date decided to come with 3 of her friends to come and eat.

In a Twitter post sighted by us on popular handle @Accraaaaaa_, the young man indicated that he wanted to meet this lady he had been chatting with so they organized a date.

He said to his surprise, his date showed for their first date and had 3 of her friends tagging along.

According to the narration, the young man indicated that he arrived at the venue of the meeting, apparently a restaurant, to meet the ladies already eating.

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The young man indicated that one of the ladies was eating a lot and he decided to leave the restaurant.

He requested to go and withdraw money from the ATM to be able to foot the bill they had accrued only for him to leave the ladies stranded.

After waiting for over 10 minutes, the lady who was invited to the date called the young man asking what was keeping him from returning.

It was at this point that the guy told her that he was on his way home and quizzed why she decided to show up for the date with her friends.

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He also indicated that there was no way he was going to pay for the food the ladies had eaten and asked the lady to figure out a way of paying for the food.

Apparently, the 4 ladies combined had racked up a bill of GHC600 and did not have a single penny to offset the bill.

The lady begged the man to return so he can pay the bills but he said he was never going to do that.

Sensing danger, the lady gave the guy’s number to one of the ladies she came with to get her to convince the guy to come back but he refused to do so.

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