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Matilda Asare fingered in old video promising Ghanaians NPP will #FixtheCountry

Actress Matilda Asare is receiving some serious trolling from Ghanaians after claiming that Ghana is completely fixed and there is nothing wrong in the country.

Asare’s dumb comment was her own contribution to the fix the country vs fix yourselves battle on social media.

Matilda Asare did not even go for fix yourself as some NPP people are claiming – she claimed that Ghana is already completely fixed!

That is absurd since we all know the startling amount of problems facing this country. It is also the complete opposite of what she was saying in 2016.

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Back then, Asare claimed that Mahama has made the country into a mess and that the NPP will fix everything if elected.

Note at that time the NPP did not tell Ghanaians to fix our attitudes – they promised they will fix the country if elected!

That’s all Ghanaians are asking for now – NPP should fix the country just as they promised!

Watch the video below:

Read More HERE.

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