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VIDEOS: Meet Ras Nene aka Likee the Kumawood actor redefining Ghanaian comedy

Ras Nene aka Likee has become a social media sensation just like all the comedians we know following his distinct ability to make you fall off your seat with infectious comedy.

Today, Ras Nene has been trending on social media for the first time for a positive reason. Hitherto, when his name is mentioned, it is linked to the demonstration of bad energy or the causing of problems on his side.

Ras Nene who has carved a name for himself as far as Kumawood Movie Industry is concerned is known to possess and exhibit a very boisterous character and plays roles such as armed robber, assassin, serial killer or bodyguard.

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Ras Nene aka Likee had thick dreadlocks which gave him a very grotesque look but really resonated with his character and the kinds of roles he played in movies.

Well, Ras Nene in 2020 said he has found God and he has found a new life. In several interviews, he confessed that he used to smoke weed which affected his overall appearance and behaviors negatively.

The Kumasi-based actor has cut off his dreadlocks, improved his looks, and redefining Ghanaian comedy.

Check Out Some Of His Exclusive Skits Below:

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