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VIDEO: Menstrual cramps can cause infertility – Dr. Reveals

Dr. YNORT, a doctor at the YNORT Homeopathic Clinic in Koforidua in the Eastern Region, has disclosed that there are certain indicators that women should be aware of and address as soon as possible in order to avoid infertility in the near future.

Menstrual pains, among other things, are crucial to women’s fertility, according to him, but have been disregarded for a long time.

Dr. YNORT disclosed signs and symptoms that put people at risk of infertility in an interview with Radio1’s ‘Me Ne Wo Apomuden’ show.

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Dr. YNORT classified the risk factors into three groups: Oligomenorrhea, Amenorrhea, and Dysmenorrhea.

“Oligomenorrhea” is defined as “a condition in which a woman’s menstrual cycle is irregular, with less than six to eight periods per year.” Menstruation is also known as amenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is a condition in which women endure monthly cramps, which can lead to infertility, according to Dr. YNORT.

Menstrual cramps are characterized by a throbbing or cramping discomfort in the lower abdomen that can be severe. Pain that begins one to three days before your period, peaks 24 hours after your period begins, and decreases in two to three days. A dull, constant aching. Pain that extends to your thighs and lowers your back.

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