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Military man meets his untimely death on his way for election duties

A military man and an okada rider have met their untimely death in Accra after a vehicle run over them.

According to an eye witness, the military man who was running late for his election duty decided to pick an Okada to make him arrive at his station fast.

But a vehicle at top speed cleared them from the road by driving over them. The Military man according to the eyewitness got one of his legs chopped off and dying on the spot.

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On the part of the Okada rider, he survived but gave up his ghost a few minutes after the incident happen.

The eyewitness disclosed that upon several attempts to get the driver of the vehicle to stop, he/she drove away and hasn’t be caught.

So far the police and yet to comment on the matter and the bodies have been deposited at the morgue.

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