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WATCH: Most of my schoolmates don’t speak to me anymore because I’m a trotro mate – UG student reveals

Joyce Akorfa, a student and bus conductor, has said that majority of her classmates have stopped speaking to her since she works as a ‘trotro mate’ to support her studies.

Most of her peers, according to the level 400 student, think her work isn’t up to par. Akorfa remarked on SVTV Africa that she is unconcerned because the situation is legitimate, and that she is now in.

“Some don’t speak to me again after realizing I’m a mate.” They consider the work to be unsuitable for them. Some people believe it falls short of their expectations, yet there is no filthy money involved. That is, as long as it is authentic and adds value to the table.

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Akorfa stated that this is not the life she desired, but that she must leave her mark wherever she goes. She also stated that she earns 35 Cedis per day, which she puts aside for her fees.

“I don’t want to be here for long, but I’m stuck here for the time being.” “I have to do it with joy, and you have to leave a footprint wherever you go,” Akorfa concluded.

Joyce is a student of the University of Ghana, Legon studying information Studies and Psychology. She hopes to become a clinical psychologist in the future.

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