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My boss and his father fingers me every morning – Young lady narrates

A young Ghanaian lady who traveled to Saudi Arabia has shared her story with Daily News Ghana on how his boss and his father f!ngers her every morning.

The lady who gave her name as Abigail Boamah speaking with Daily News Ghana off tape said she traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2018 to seek greener pasture.

According to Abigail, she was staying in the house of a wealthy couple and the first 6 months were fun without her boss and his father.

“When I first went to the house, the man left in the next day for a trip and it was left with me and his wife and she was such a good and caring woman, I had so much fun with him till his husband returned.”

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“When her husband returned, I week later one morning around 2: 00 am he entered my room and asked me to take off my clothes, I was scared and confused so started begging him but in vain so I took off my clothes and he asked me to lay down on my back and he started f!ngering me till he came.”

“This continued for a month and then his father visited and every morning at the same time he will come to the room with his father and they will finger me till they cŮm.”

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“This continued till I came back to Ghana, up till now every morning at 2:00 am wake up and struggles to sleep again. I couldn’t tell anyone not even his wife and it was horrible.”

“A lot of African ladies are going through this same pain. I will advise every young lady planning to go to stay no matter how hard it feels, there is no place like home.”

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Michael Agyapong Agyapa report.



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