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My va.gina is rotting away after sεx with a Lebanese during my period – Woman narrates

After sleeping with a Lebanese man during her menstrual period, a young Ghanaian lady revealed that her vagina is slowly rotting away.

She claims she met the man at Bôndai restaurant in Osu when she went there with her pals to eat.

Read Her Account Below

Sir, I think I might have had sex with a ritualist. I met this Lebanese man at Bôndai restaurant, Osu. I was there with some friends. He paid our bill and drove us home. A couple of days later he asked that we have dinner together in his house and I agreed. I thought we might end up having sex because even before he invited me for the dinner he had sent me Ghc 3000.00 the previous day. While we were eating, he asked if I was in my period and I said no. Again, he asked for the date it will come and I said it comes around 4th to 7th of every month. I asked him why he was asking me such weird questions but he said it is because he hates condom but doesn’t want to get me pregnant so he wants to know if I am safe. I told him I was safe but he still didn’t touch me. On the 6th of this month he sent me Ghc 5000.00 and asked me to come to his place the next day, 7th April for a surprise and I did.

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He gave me an iphone 12, I was super excited because I was using an iphone 7 plus. After chatting for a while, he started touching me but I refused to do anything with him because I was on my period. He managed to convince me into allowing him have his way with me. He said it is normal and he doesn’t want to get me pregnant so the best time we can have sex is when I am flowing. When we finished, he gave me some pad, he said it’s what they use in Lebanon and that it is safe and even better than what we use in Ghana. He took my old pad and placed it in the bin in his bedroom saying the house help will sort it out.

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I didn’t experience anything when I got home. I woke up fine the next day and the next till I finished my period. That was when my whole vagina began to itch. At first I was scratching it but I had to stop because it was becoming sore and I thought its due to the scratching. By the next day, my whole region had become sore with boils at some parts. The place started smelling offensively so I went to the pharmacy to buy drugs. I woke up the following day and all the itching and boils were gone except the sore and smell. I thought the drug was working alright but later that afternoon, I started bleeding. Hmmmmm, it’s been over a week and I am still bleeding. I was at the hospital the whole of last week. I have bought drugs but this doesn’t seem to be okay. I have called this man severally but his number isn’t going through. I haven’t heard from him since I left his place that day. I went there on Saturday and his house help said he has travelled back to Lebanon.

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I need help sir; I don’t know who to tell about this. I am dying gradually. I feel weaker as the days go by. The bleeding isn’t stopping and I am losing blood. I am scared this is spiritual. Pls post for me. I will be reading comments for help. Thank you pls.

#LoveAndPills; Please if you can recommend our sister to any place for help, please do.


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