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Netizens react as Serwaa Amihere goes after ‘poor’ TT

Beautiful Ghanaian female broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere went on Twitter to say something that many believed was a direct message to the embattled Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio popularly known as TT.

Serwaa went on Twitter and wrote:

“A grown man does something and later blames a woman for it. Boi.”

Her tweets generate more replies as many people think she was an indirectly shading actor.

Most people condemned her:

“Serwaa thinks this is an unfortunate statement from you; I do believe we are human, not perfect either you; being a child or fully grown man you can a mistake in certain areas of life you found yourself, you learn from the past and be sincere in future endeavors.”

“Serwaa u’re young… we all know whom you’re referring to, TT… i’m even surprised u’re saying this.. where’s the father of ur child, no where to be found, so do we have to blame u or the man.”

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Background of the story.

Ace Ghanaian entertainer, Psalm Adjeteyfio popularly known as TT of the all-moment known television show, Taxi Driver has earned what his soul wishes after he revealed to the public that he was finding complications in settling his rent bills.

As magnanimous as Ghanaians are, his plea touched the heart of several people and numerous have extended their contribution to the Ghanaian entertainer TT. Many have provided him Money while others profess to construct buildings for him.

In a video interview granted, the veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio was sighted looking very unhappy and problems on his recent difficulties was duly discussed.

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Per his narration, he made a lot of errors in life which he has admitted guilt ever doing. He proceeds by asserting the biggest fault he ever did was to obey a demon woman, this is really astonishing.

In the course of the interview, TT explained the demon he followed who was a woman compelled him to forsake his kids and renounced them. God works in mysterious ways as the exact children he forsook were the ones who took care of him when he was bedridden and suffering from an unknown ailment.

The lessons of this life has taught him to warn and advice his fellow men to be very critical in order not to take a devil as wife. In addition, he urged all men to make commitment of their children and take adequate care of them. He asserted that, no man should repeat the blunder he did that directed to his disgrace today.

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This is a heart touching article and advice every one must take. This is because, wedding is a life time journey and who you select to marry today will be the woman you would live with for the rest of your life.

You can watch the video below:

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