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One arrested in Kwesimintsim as residents prevent EC officials from setting up over bad roads

Police in Kwesimintsim has arrested one person at Whindo in the Kwesimintsim constituency after residents blocked the road in the area to electoral officials.

The action according to the angry residents was to express their outrage over the bad road network which has been abandoned over the years.

With the intervention of the police, the road has since been cleared for the officials of the Electoral Commission to move to their polling station.

The incident delayed the early start of the polls at the center.

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“Despite the many demonstrations we have held, they have still not fixed our roads. That is why we blocked the road today so that we do not participate in the election. The road is bad such that we spend a lot of time on a 30-minute journey. The DCE promised to asphalt the road but nothing has been done,” one of the angry residents told Citi News.

Over 17 million Ghanaians are exercising their franchise nationwide today to elect a president and their Members of Parliament.

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