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PHOTOS: Beautiful lady caught at airport with 18 wraps of heroin in her vajayjay

A Chadian lady who has been identified as Vivien Tarmadji has been busted by the airport police after hiding 18 parcels of heroin in her private part.

She was apprehended by the operatives of the national drug law enforcement agency in Abuga when she was ready to board Ethiopian Airline flight 911 en route to Addis Ababa-Italy from Abuga.

The trafficker is believed to run a saloon business in Italy since 2016 and upon her relocation to the country via Libya was nabbed by vigilant narcotics agents during an outward clearance of the airline at the boarding gate after being scanned.

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During interrogation, she claimed she was contacted by a man who called her from Italy to collect the drug from one man who delivered the illicit substance to her in a hotel she lodged in Lagos early in the morning before she took her flight to Abuja the same day for a transit journey to Italy.

According to her, the man brought 50 wraps of heroin for her to swallow but she could not so she decided to put 18 wraps in her private parts and returned the rest to the man who brought them to the hotel.

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She claims she came to Nigeria to raise money to pay for her house and shop rent which have expired in Italy.

According to her life has been so difficult for her since the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic. She revealed that the owner of the drugs was to pay 10000 euros after delivery.

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