PHOTOS+VIDEOS: Actress Benedicta Gafah wears another hip pad for a live TV show?


Just in 2020, actress Benedicta Gafah has become a subject of trolls on two occasions after netizens spotted her hip pads showing off in her some photos she shared on social media.

The TV presenter on both occasions got her fans shocked and had them wondering why she will resort to such enhancers just to look curvier in her photos.

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Well, some gossipmonger has yet again drawn our attention to her looks when she got on stage to act as co-host for tonight’s edition of TV3’s Music Music show.

After a very careful look at her stunning red dress she was wearing tonight on the show by some ‘experts’, they tell us that there is cause for a lot of speculations.

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According to them, it is either she decided to do her thing again or this time her dress was the one deceiving people because there is no way Benedicta Gafah will have those Moesha-like hips all of a sudden.

Anyway, we want you our readers to be the judges as well so watch the video below + the pictures beneath and tell us what you think in the comment section (Just focus on the first three (3) minutes of the video)

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