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Prestea Video: Man collapses & dɨes after seeing wife in leaked sэхтаре (VIDEO)

Paa Agya, a Ghanaian living in South Africa who recently returned to Prestea, has slept with 20 women, 15 of whom are married.

He taped the events, including video chats with some of them, only for the recordings to be leaked.

In one of the films, a married man observed his beloved wife getting cut by Paa Agyei.

The man identified as Mr. John fell after seeing his wife in one of the recordings.

He was transported to the hospital, but as his condition deteriorated, he died while contemplating the Shame.

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Mr. John alias Nzema Marley is well-known in Prestea, but his death is caused by his shame at witnessing his wife among the 20 women beheaded by Paa Agya.


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