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Primary school headmistress commit suicide a after her bɛdroom video leaked

Twist of things as allegedly dead Khumalo Primary School headmistress believed to be alive.

Her employers, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education engaged the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on Friday to help track her down.

Khumalo Primary School headmistress, Stella Mhlanga is alive, contrary to social media reports that she had committed suicide after her n#de picture leaked and went viral on social media.

In a brief comment to CITE, the ministry’s director of communications and advocacy, Taungana Ndoro confirmed that she had been found alive. He said, “Yes, police said she is alive”.

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Mhlanga accidentally posted a picture of her private parts on her WhatsApp status.

Upon realizing her mistake she took down the post but not before some of her contacts had taken screenshots.

Embarrassed by the incident, Mhlanga went off the radar and social media went abuzz with some claiming she had taken her life.

Meanwhile, Education Ministry involves police to locate Headmistress Stella Mhlanga.

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