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Reactions as church members caught Prophet pants down with married woman; video goes viral

After being caught red-handed consuming the forbidden fruit of a married woman, a rogue prophet of God cursed the day he was born.

Their husband was claimed to have gone to a funeral and thought something was amiss while he was there.

When the loving husband returned to see how his wife was doing, he discovered this so-called prophet standing on top of her.

When the community found out, all they wanted to do was disgrace this self-declared prophet for using God’s name to get into a married woman’s pants.

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People mocked him and demanded that the unfaithful couple stand up so they could photograph them. It is stated that when you are guilty, you lose your right to defend yourself, so you do as you are told.

What this prophet did in the name of God to sleep with someone’s wife is a disgrace.

Others would call this karma, since when you play with the name of God, you will certainly receive what you deserve.

While this may not be a good excuse to cheat, some people like doing the unthinkable.

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Watch the video HERE.

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