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Reactions as ‘mad’ Ibrah One reacts to rumors of going mad

Ibrah One has responded to rumors that he has gone insane after being seen looking terrible and exhausted on the streets.

The internet sensation maintains that he is not insane, that nothing is wrong with him, and that we should never accept anything we see on social media.

On Monday, a video showing Ibrah looking enraged went viral on social media.

In the footage, Ibrah can be seen wandering aimlessly up and down, appearing like a genuine lunatic.

A netizen who recognized him captured the moment on tape and posted it online.

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Various stories stated various things, including that he was in Benin for ceremonies.

Others stated that he was brought back to Niger for psychiatric treatment and then fled from the facility.

Ibrah has bipolar disorder, according to his own family.

In the midst of the uproar, the privileged youngster has spoken up.

People should not believe everything they see on the internet, according to Ibrah.

“Keep your head high and your middle finger higher,” he wrote.

“Don’t be deceived by what you see on the internet, we have good makeup artist who can change peoples look. Indians also used the internet to create what ever they want,” he added.

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