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Remember this child abandoned, starved and accused of “witchcraft”? Check his current status

Africans have to let go of certain beliefs and cultures. Culture is dynamic and hence changes with time. How on earth should a little infant like this boy be abandoned and left to starve to death simply because it believed he was possessed with ‘witchcraft’?

These pictures depict the before and after status of this innocent little two years old boy who was abandoned by his family, community, and parents because they suspect him of being filled with an evil spirit.

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The infant was discovered roaming the streets naked, hungry, and hopeless without any guardian looking after him.

The saying “God makes a way where there is no way” is truly true as an ‘angel’ was sent in human form to come to his rescue. A philanthropist by the name Anna Ringgren saved this child from perishing.

An ordinary African would label this Danish woman as a prostitute due to her numerous tattoos but she rather turned out to be the savior and guardian Angel for this child.

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Five years of intensive care for Hope has resulted in this great transformation. He was recently selected to be the best man at a wedding event of the Hope foundation staffer.

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The Danish is all humanity can and must boast of. She is the real human and we shouldn’t judge by appearance because they are deceptive. Below are some of the pictures of his great and miraculous transformation.

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