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Report: Two final year students die in Anlo Senior High

Some two final year students have been reported dead in Anlo Senior High.

According to reports coming in from Anlo Senior High, some two final year students have lost their lives in an unfortunate circumstance, Trends Baze filed.

Per the report cited, the two students are a boy and a girl respectively.

The unfortunate death of the girl took place during exams today, the girl (name withheld) collapsed and was quickly rushed to the hospital but gave up the ghost upon reaching the hospital.

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In the case of the boy (name withheld), he fell sick and was granted exeat by the housemaster to visit the hospital for treatment. He then sorted the help of a friend to get him home to a relative in the Anloga town instead.

Upon reaching the house they met the absence of the said relative, so the friend had to leave him there and make his way back to campus. By the time the said relative got home and rushed him to the hospital, the unfortunate happened. As to whether these two deaths are COVID-19 related is unknown.

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The school is yet to confirm these reports.

Source: Trend Baze


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