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Scary reason behind Moesha Boduong’s sudden repentance revealed; netizens worried

Actress Adu Sarfoa has voiced her concerns about the current situation of Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong, disclosing some scary reasons why the latter decided to leave her old ways and give her life to Christ.

Sharing her thoughts on the matter, Adu Sarfoa claimed Moesha Buduong’s current predicament and decision to become a born-again Christian is deeper than it meets the eye.

According to actress cum TVpresenter, Moesha recently had an affair with a business tycoon who is not ‘human’. By sleeping with the former big-time Slay Queen of Accra, he “exchanged her soul with death”. This has, therefore, left Moesha running to the Church for spiritual help.

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Adu Safowaah posted a photo of Moesha on Instagram and pleaded with Ghanaians to remember Moesha Buduong in prayers because she is fighting silent battles no one knows about.

The captioned of the photo read: ”She came across a Business tycoon that not human and had something to do with him…. ( kindly note that, No blame game here cux We all ain’t virgins and ve our dirty skeletons). The Man exchanged her soul with Death but #JESUS and #mercy said NO. People close to MOESHA should be attentive, monitor her movement, stay close pls …. I prayed for her this dawn and I will do always.”

Ghanaians woke up to news on Tuesday morning that actress Moesha Boduong, who claims to be born-again, attempted committing suicide by jumping off the roof of a building in the late hours of Monday.

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Although the motive behind her action is not clear at the moment, many have suggested that Moesha could be going through some psychological breakdown and needs urgent medical attention to avert any unforeseen incident from happening in the coming days.

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