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She is HIV positive – Susan drops bombshell on why Moesha repented

Moesha Boduong’s trauma might be about to get worse than she ever anticipated as Akuapem Poloo’s former friend Susan the Boss drops a bombshell about her.

Susan has released a sensational allegation about Moesha that can only be served hot.

There’s no other way to say it than straightforward, Susan claims Moesha Boduong has HIV.

Susan claims all of Moesha’s current trauma is borne from being HIV positive and not being able to deal with it.

She made her bombshell revelation in a comment on a Nigerian blog.

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The video of Moesha looking wretched out in the streets preaching was posted and Susan jumped into the comment section with her dark revelation.

She wrote: “She (Moesha) has HIV now,”

When another person asked her if she is sure of what she is saying, she replied with a shock that the person didn’t know, implying it is common knowledge.

No one knows exactly what Moesha is going through. Talking to 5 people around her will give you five different answers but Susan claims to have the proper gist.

One thing we have to note too is that many people are trying to trend on the back of this Moesha issue so this could very well be all Susan is doing.

In case you don’t remember, Susan Charles aka Susan the Boss was the friend of Akuapem Poloo accused of recording her dirty bedroom videoand posting it online.

susan the boss moesha

Susan was a good friend of Poloo but reportedly betrayed her for an unknown reason.

However, she later came to deny all that and said Poloo released the video herself.

She has been out of the public eye for a while and this is what she comes back with.

Moesha’s issue has brought out all sorts of attention seekers coming out with their own claims to taste some of the limelight so take her claim with a grain of salt!

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