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Social media in chaos as popular East Legon restaurant uses morgue water to cook

An anonymous woman has revealed that her mother cooks for customers with morgue water.

According to a lady, her mother owns and manages a popular cafe in East Legon that is often packed.

She mentioned that her mother follows certain procedures to ensure that the restaurant is always packed.

She said in a viral post that her mother cooks at their restaurant with water used to bathe dead remains.

According to the lady, her mother now wants her to take over the business and has introduced her to a mortuary man who will supply her with morgue water, but she refuses to do so.

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She stated that she would rather utilize her certificate to work somewhere else than continue her mother’s evil deeds.

She went on to say that she and her siblings were able to study overseas since their mother is wealthy and could afford it.

Now it’s her turn to repay, as her mother insists she must or their family will perish!

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