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Some journalists would be killed in the upcoming weeks – Vim Lady reveals

Intrepid Ghanaian Journalist, Afia Pokuaa (Vim Lady) says there could be more killings of journalists in the coming weeks due to the threats by some politicians on the media following the 2020 general elections.

According to her in a post made on social media, such deadly threats have been a liked trend from politicians and their followers every election year stating that it will come as no surprise when Ghana wakes up to the news of the death of journalists soon.

Unfathomable to her, Vim Lady asked ‘why journalists always become targets of attack every election whiles those who contested for a particular office go to sleep with peace?’.

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She wrote this on social media;

“The way Politicians are threatening media people, we should not be surprised if we wake up to the news that a journalist has been KILLED or maimed in the coming weeks.

Both NDC and NPP know journalists have NO CONTROL over election results but only report what is COUNTED at the polling stations and collation centers in the presence of their PARTY AGENTS but they still lie to their followers that the media has stolen results.

Why must journalists be the target of attack every election while those who contest sleep?
This profession is not worth OUR LIVES”


Her remarks come after some persons from the opposition NDC issued threats and started attacking some media houses over their election results, questioning them to produce their sources.

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Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress during a press briefing a week ago blasted UTV, JOY NEWS, TV3, others for projecting falsified figures in cohort with the NPP.

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