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St.Louis SHS girl’s atopa video with three guys pops up

A new sex tape of Aisha, the beleaguered former student of St. Louis SHS, has surfaced online, making even those who defended her when the first video was released regret their actions.

Aisha was in the bathroom with one of the males assumed to be the true boyfriend doing their own thing in the video, which many believed was filmed after she had her amazing time with the three guys in the bedroom.

And, like the previous one, it was clear that Aisha was aware that the video was being recorded because she looked directly into the camera on occasion.

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Despite her claims that she was unaware that such a video existed, a friend of the guys revealed that she was aware of it and that she had been blackmailed for the past year.

Her mother has also indicated that she has filed a police report against the three men.

In this second film, both of them were naked and touching directly beneath the faucet.

Uploading adult content on is against our policy, yet it’s spreading virally; just search around; it’s not hard to find.

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