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St Monica students exposes Anglican Priest: reveals how he forces them to give him laps and more

Father Larbi Obeng, the Anglican Priest of the St. Monica’s College of Education has been exposed by some students of the school following the viral kissing video.

The priest was captured in a viral video kissing three of the final year students during church service at the school.

Following the viral video, some students of the school have blown his cover of some of the evil acts he’s been doing to them over the years.

A student of the school made a comment on Zionfelix’s post about the Priest and what she said isn’t pleasant at all.

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According to the student, the priest is fond of using profane words when preaching like ‘Jo Shua’ (Jo’s testicles) and Me diwo dwuma ( I’ll chop you).

Another allegation raised by the student has to do with how the Priest sometimes invites some students to his office and playfully make them sit on his laps.

Apparently one student who wanted to be a mass servant refused to sit on his laps in his office and he hated on her till she stopped schooling.

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