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Takoradi: Thief served with beer after cleaning gutters, whiles dancing to Kofi Kinaata song (VIDEO)

The high rate of robbery in the country would decrease only if this type of behavior is adopted by the good people of Ghana. Just this year dozens of Ghanaian’s have lost their lives through armed robbery, Ghanaian’s seemed to be in fear of their lives but the police have their hope.

But it seems that Ghanaian’s have finally learned a lesson from the good people of Takoradi after they caught an armed man in Takoradi. On Angel TV news, Ghanaian’s were shocked and surprised to hear this news. All Ghanaian’s have applauded this behavior and wish that it is learned by the good people of Ghana.

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According to the resident, this man was caught at dawn in the act of robbing. But his time ran out after he was caught by angry residents, according to resident’s armed robbery has been on the rise in their community.

After he was caught, angry residents decided to burn him alive but he pleaded, they also decided to cut his fingers and he pleaded. So they gave him one choice and that is to work throughout the day, he cleaned the gutters from dawn and made sure it was neat.

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After that, the people had mercy on him and bought him some porridge to drink, so as Fanta to drink it because he has worked hard. He has spoken, and according to him, he is tired and has worked till dawn.

The residents of Takoradi seem to have shown us the way to end robbery, here in Ghana. In a comment by one Facebook user, he claimed that ” No need for the police, this type of punishment is very good” As a Ghanaian what do you think about this post.

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You can watch the video below




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