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Teshie: Man pe.nis enlarged like yam after chopping the girl of Fetish Priest (VIDEO)

Fetish Priest refuses to heal the man with huge Manh00d since his girlfriend cheated on him with a Teshie man.

When consulted by the man with increased Manhood, the fetish priest declined to assist him.

After sleeping with a girl he met on Friday, the man’s manh00d grew like a yam.

According to the male, the girl went to see a mutual acquaintance in Teshie and informed him she was interested in him when she saw him.

He decided to give it a shot because he was single and free, so he invited the girl to a birthday celebration in Nungua.

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They arrived late at night, and the girl expressed her want to stay the night with him because it was too late to return home.

That’s when the girl pushed herself on him, and he enjoyed it so much that his manh00d became larger.

The girl suspected it was due to a fetish priest’s spell performed on her by her ex-boyfriend.

They called the fetish priest for help after several hours with the manh00d still enlarging, but he told them it was too late.

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