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The song ‘otan hunu’ went viral ahead of us – Dead Peepol

There have been much debatable issues around the “OTAN HUNU “ track by Dead Peepol group comprising ( Kofi Control and Kweku Richie). People barely know the voice behind the song. Most people mistake Kofi Mole, Tulenkey to be Dead Peepol.
According to the duo, the song has grown faster than them. “People know the song but not the artist but we are catching up”, they explained.
The group cleared the air on AhotorMmre,Ahotor Fm’s Mid Morning show with Agyewodin Akosua Sakyibea a.k.a Sakyibreezy, when asked if they really stole the song as rumored. They claimed they stole no one’s song instead, they were new artistes and the song went viral prior to the video, making Ghanaians mistaken them for other artists.
“In my point of view, you can see we released the song. I leaked the song which went viral before people could trace the music to us, “so no one knew who was behind the song, they added.
People commented on the audiovisuals we posted on YouTube that it was Tulenkey and Kofi Mole. I feel that was why people say we stole their song, they thought it was actually Kofi Mole’s until we released the official video. We never stole Kofi Mole’s Song
“ The Dead Peepol are the originators of “Twi Drill “ Genre and they are ready to do more of such songs.
Esinam Wilson’s Report
Source: DailyNewsGhana.com
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