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The world reacts as Pope Francis likes Bikini photo of model on Instagram

Pope Francis’s official Instagram account appears to have ‘liked’ a racy photo of a bikini model dressed in stockings and suspenders.
A screenshot taken by an eagle-eyed social media user shows the @francisus account liking a picture of Natalia Garibotto dressed in a revealing schoolgirl outfit.
The image shows Miss Garibotto dressed in a short tartan skirt while packing books into a locker. And it appears the Pope’s official account was one of more than 133,000 to have liked the 27-year-old Brazilian model’s picture.

This has raised concerns on social media as to why the Pope will like the image of a bikini model. Was he using that to convert her to Christianity?

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The like is no longer on the account and it is not clear whether it was a mistake.

Miss Garibotto is a prominent model on Instagram and has over two million followers. She always serves her followers with sexually suggestive photos that have the potential to get even the Pope aroused.

Check Out Screenshots:



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