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There is going to be high cost in poultry products – Ghanaians told

Poultry farmers at Dormaa Central are not happy with the high cost of poultry feeds.

Some of the farmers also said they cannot determine the price of their products but rather the market women.

“The prices of feed for the poultry is very high and if it continues like this will not be able to buy them,” a farmer said.

“The cost of the feed will determine the price of the birds example crate of egg should be 20 cedis now, but the market women are now derterming the prices,” another said.

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The farmers added that if things continues like this the price of poultry products will be high which will make like uncomfortable for farmers and consumers.

“We are just begging the government to do something about the prices of feeds, because it is not easy for us.”

“If not then things are going to be a little harder which we don’t want that.”

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