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VIDEO: ‘They killed my son’- Ghanaian father narrates how a teacher beats his son to death 

A Ghanaian man has narrated in a sad video how his son seeking to gain education rather land in his grace due to

The man identified with his Facebook name Edward Mintah as revealed his son was a student of the ‘Late’ Presbyterian Technical Secondary School.

According to him, the road to his son’s premature Departure on earth begun when they were asked to stop work during examination.

While everyone was struggling in the parked classroom to submit their Answer sheet, his son was able to man-over a shortcut for himself by stepping on the classroom desks in a desperate attempt to hand over his papers and visit the urinal.

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Unfortunately, his son stepped on the teachers table to complete his mission and however forgot to clean the table for his teacher.

The teacher after realizing his son’s mistake took a reckless action by bringing out a well soaked cane to lash the boy at his back.

Sadly, the beating was too severe for the child to take and passed away at home right beside his father.

He further narrated that prior to his son’s death, the issue was reported to the headmaster of the school who also failed to take any disciplinary actions towards the sad happening.

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Watch the video below:

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