Things you should not say on a first date


Finally having a guy or lady on a date is a good one especially if she is a dream girl or a dream man that would be supper.

But remember on your first date you can not be boring and you can not just say any words, you need to be mindful because from the first date a lot can happen to the way of marriage.

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Do not go too deep into your financial status or that of your partner, that could be offline and affect the first date, if possible do not even talk about it the first night.

Get ex out of the conversation, even in a running relationship you should get rid of ex and talk about some feel pain talking about ex so do not go there to have a great date and night.

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One mistake most do is always talking about themselves, it is two people on a date, you have conversations, that is the time to know each other and feel for one another, not be a commentator they even have summarizers.

Do not talk much about the bedroom taste try your best to not talk much about it on your first date. Sometimes those talks can be scary.

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Do not bring in family problems, that first night is the foundation of your love and relationship. It would not be best to build a relationship with problems.

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