TV presenter had s3x for first time in 5-years with a mystery man – shares interesting experience

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UK-based Swedish television presenter, Ulrika Jonsson, 52, has revealed she’s had s3x for the first time in five years with a mystery man she met on social media.

According to the mother of four, who split from her husband Brian Monet in April 2019 after 11 years of marriage, the experience was “like losing my virginity all over again”.

In a new column about her s3x life, she described the relationship with the mystery man as a “devoid of intimacy”.

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She revealed in her column how she began dating someone new who approached her on social media and ended up having s3x with him following a date.

The star wrote in a column in The Sun: “Yes folks, at the age of 52, after a marriage set against a barren sexual landscape and a five-year hiatus – I have had sex.

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“To be honest, two years ago I had no expectations of ever having sex again.”

She described her self-worth was “lower than a tart’s knickers”, but said the new sexual experience showed she had “had not forgotten how to ride a bike (euphemism, for sure)”.

The Celebrity Big Brother star said the moment was like “like losing my virginity all over again – except this time I felt much more in control and considerably less scared”.

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Ulrika has been married three times, to John Turnbull, Lance Gerrard-Wright and Brian Monet as well as dating footballer Stan Collymore, won CelebrityBig Brother in 2009 with 57% of the vote

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