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University student in trouble after girlfriend dies in his room during sleep over

After his fiancée died while sleeping over at his apartment, a university student has found himself in an unusual yet sad predicament.

The girlfriend was sick, according to the story, and had come to spend the night at his place. The lady has been coming around for sleepovers on a regular basis.

When it was daylight, however, the young University of Port Harcourt student discovered his lover lying motionless. He was taken aback and taken aback.

He couldn’t decide whether to yell for aid or remain silent. His heart raised at an alarming rate.

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Hydra shared the tale on Twitter, educating many young men on the hazards of letting ladies or girlfriends spend the night at their homes.

The person in issue now has to deal with the family of his girlfriend. He is accused of being involved in their daughter’s death.

girlfriend dies when she came to sleep over

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