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V/R: Metro Mass bus catches fire at Tsito (VIDEO)

A Metro Mass Transit bus transporting passengers from Kumasi to the Volta Region mysteriously caught fire after experiencing some slight technical difficulties while on their journey.

According to reports, the bus was moving from Kumasi to the Volta Region but upon getting to Tsito in the Volta Region, the bus experienced some technical issues which led to the outbreak of the fire.

Further reports have it that there were over 20 passengers on the bus but fortunately, no one sustained any injury nor was any fatality recorded.

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The Ghana National Fire Service arrived at the scene to quench the wildfire but unfortunately upon their arrival, the situation was beyond control as the bus was completely burnt.

In the video making rounds on social media, the driver of the Metro Mass Bus was seen weeping bitterly and rolling on the street as it appears his only source of income had been destroyed.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a man has been arrested by the police after he was busted with a number of stolen fowls hidden in his boxer shorts.

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In a video currently trending on social media, the young man was asked to empty his pants off all the fowls he has stolen as the police officers standing next to him stared in awe.

The young thief stole three fowls and was able to suffocate them in his boxer shorts to avoid being caught by the owner but unfortunately, he was busted by the authorities.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as many wonders why the young man would commit such a weird crime and among all the places to hide these fowls, his pants were the best option.

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