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VIDEO: Four ways to tell pure honey from a fake one

We frequently have difficulty distinguishing unadulterated honey from diluted honey because the difference cannot be detected simply by looking at it.

It is frequently used as a sugar alternative by those with high cholesterol levels due to its numerous health benefits. Honey is high in antioxidants and helps to decrease blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and heal burns and wounds.

Golden Pearl Honey’s CEO is Pearl. She reveals four ways to distinguish pure honey from diluted honey to SVTV Africa.

To see if this honey is pure, make a pile of dry sand and sprinkle a small bit of honey upon it. If the honey absorbs the sand, it has been blended with water and sugar. If it were pure, however, it would not mix with the sand and could even be removed from it,” Pearl explained.

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She goes on to describe two additional strategies for detecting fake honey.

“The second test is performed with a cold or warm water gas. Simply spoon a small quantity of honey into the glass. The diluted honey will quickly dissolve in the water, whereas the pure honey will sink to the bottom of the glass.

A white sheet of paper will suffice. Drop a small bit onto the paper and spread it out with your hand. Turn the paper over to see if it is still wet. “If the honey makes the paper moist, it’s because it’s been mixed with water and sugar,” she said to DJ Nyaami.

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The fourth method is to place the honey in the refrigerator for about an hour. It must not get hard once the honey has been removed. The pure one, on the other hand, will become thicker than previously and will need to settle before pouring.

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