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VIDEO: Funny Face cruses, insults Maame Yeboah and accused her husband of sleeping with small girls

Ghanaian comic actor Funny Face is still attacking and accusing former TV Presenter Maame Yeboah Asiedu for the collapse of his marriage and losing his kids.

According to Funny Face, Maame Yeboah brainwashed his ex-wife to take his kid and run away from him and it seems the comic actor can not get over this.

In a video Daily News Ghana sighted Funny Face rained insults on Maame Yeboah and accused her husband of sleeping with small girls.

“I will curse you with your own bible and watch you suffer…that day is when I noticed you are just foolish and useless like your husband,” he said.

In a long post Funny Face wrote:

“AThe #CHILDRENPRESIDENT “ GYE NYAME “ ✊🔥dis is how Maame yeboah ASIEDU is looking at me .. 🤣 with da boys eyes 😂 🤬🔥✊ u know da anointing on my life yet u are soo bent on destroying me .. if u are truly a spiritual person like u will know .. somebody children and animals love .. ✊🔥❤️ u can’t bring dem down .. go and read da 77 laws of children power and pray to God to reveal to u who I am .. I deal with pure souls only .. not evil tortured soul like urs .. u are bitter and want to turn every young woman who comes to u into r self .. “ u told me on phone .. in plain terms dat “ Na wu koraaa S3 y33kasa aa .. anka 3ny3 wu su baaa nie ? !! Da day u said dat to me on fone .. deny dat u never said dat .and I will curse you with ur own bible and watch u suffer too 🤬✊🔥 .. dat day is when I noticed u are just foolish and useless like ur husband .. who u insulted ryt in my face in ur house .. whiles u claim u advicing me !! Even dis ur husband with his world problems koraa ..U accept him like dat .. even tho u don’t respect him .. fool and let me bring his videos and voice note with other girls on social media … Evil woman 🤬🤬🔥 just say “ FIIM “ and see so disgusting to hear some of da conversations between u and Vanessa .. ! Guess how I got da information .. don’t try me !! My name is KASOA VANDAMME and is abt to “ OVER YOU “ big time .. everybody will see u .. pastor Alphonso da turkey ass 🤬 if I say my ass self I have given u level .. low minded fool leading young women astray … 🤣🔥✊❤️🧨 just respond and see .. how people will be shocked to know da real you 😡👎 “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ 🔥✊.”

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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com


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