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VIDEO: Ghanaian vlogger screams as lady attends to him at Himba village where visitors are given s.ex

Ghanaian vlogger Wode Maya has set out to explore African culture and showcase it to the rest of the world, which he has been doing for quite some time via his YouTube channel, but his recent trip to Namibia got him screaming.

He visited the Himba people of Namibia, a tribe known for a lot of bizarre cultural practices including welcoming visitors with s.ex instead of just food and water as it is done in other parts of the Africa continent.

When you visit a Himba man, beyond food and water, he will offer you no other woman than his wife to not only spend the night but have s.ex with you over the night before her husband takes her back the next day.

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Wode Maya, despite the plethora of information on the internet about the Himba people, decided to visit them to confirm their cultural practices in person, ostensibly the one regarding offering s.ex to guests.

He was given a warm reception judging from the video from Namibia which he uploaded to his YouTube channel. He participated in some of the practices including the way they bathe, the food they eat, and how they prepare them among other things.

The only thing Wode Maya didn’t disclose to his audience is how he was received as a guest on the night of his visit. He was seen in the video being attended to by women while their ‘temping’ bre.asts remained completely uncovered.

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