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VIDEO: Ghanaians react as Immigration officers asking citizens to slap each other

Some Ghanaians are pissed with the security services for some time now and this new video fast going viral might anger a lot of people more.

Some men sighted in Immigration uniforms have been caught on tape commanding some men to be slapping each other after they caught them for offenses that are still unknown to us.

From the video one could see the two men under the supervision of the immigration officer slapping each other at a point where he feels they are not doing it well, he slaps them as a way of teaching them how to do it.

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The video caught the attention of politicians and the founder of The People’s Project (TPP) Kwame A-Plus who shared his view on the video after posting it online.

He shared: “You are in Ghana condemning police brutality in America and Nigeria

This is what your brothers in Ghana go through on the streets daily. An immigration officer can just arrest two young men and ask them to slap each other. And if the slap is not hard enough as he expects, he teaches them how to slap by giving them harder ones – and this is 2021. @ghanaimmigrationservice you see what your men are doing on the street?”

Read some comments below:

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Emmanuel Asampana: “Stupidity at its peak….. how dare an officer to ask me to exchange slap’s with a different person. Immigration not even the military officer…. Even the military are more decipline in their line of duty.”

Mary Alale: “I don’t have any respect for our nation securities, special those police men apuu”

Nana Kwame: “I wonder where our moral senses are of these days , it isn’t long that our neighborhouring country Nigeria, get a whole country into demonstration and both civilians and some officers lost their lives, won’t we learn sense from this that , the civilians also have power to fight or resist any form of intimidating from unprofessional security personnel?”

Josiah Dicksons: What at all are these occurrences of misbehaviors? Can’t they hand them over to the police to charge them for their offenses…if citizens lose interest in security services – is a huge danger for our democracy

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