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VIDEO: I was addicted to ma.sturbati0n even while dating – Ghanaian female evangelist

Mary Arthur, an evangelist and single mother of two, has detailed her life before Christ with SVTV Africa as she warns Ghanaian adolescents.

Miss Arthur claimed that she began masturbating at an early age as a result of peer pressure from classmates. Even though she was dating, she admitted to being addicted to it.

“Because it was an addiction, quitting was difficult.” Friends, television, and my adolescent curiosity were the most significant influences. While I was in SHS, I became pregnant, but he never accepted care for the child.

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My second baby daddy was also a friend of my sister’s who came to stay with me. Despite the fact that it was not a rape case, my family reported it to the police. “His family promised to take care of my baby’s needs, but they don’t,” she told DJ Nyaami, the show’s host.

She also counseled the youth, particularly the girls, to look up to God and avoid quick money schemes because they are short-lived.

Evangelist Arthur longs to perform God’s work, but she has no income to maintain her family and would welcome any assistance. If you want to help, please contact SVTV Africa.

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Watch the interview below:


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