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VIDEO: I was laid off from Metro Mass Transit without any settlement – Blind woman sadly reveals

Charity Yibo, a visually handicapped woman, has disclosed that she was put off without pay after 5 years with Metro Mass Transit Company Limited.

Charity said on SVTV Africa that she had been ailing for a long and had sought permission for treatment. Charity, on the other hand, was turned down when she returned to work without a settlement.

“I could see with glasses when I returned, but the chairman stated he couldn’t work with a blind woman.” “However, no settlement was offered to me,” she claimed.

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The doctor warned the mother of four that her optical nerves were injured and that regaining her sight would be tough.

When it comes to family, Charity said that she divorced her first spouse when she become blind. She claimed that as a result of her predicament, he began physically abusing her, resulting in the divorce.

Charity was also betrothed to someone else, who died five months later, leaving her with an unborn child. The infant died afterward.

Watch the interview below:

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