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VIDEO: John Dumelo ‘clashes’ with Prince David Osei for the first time after election backstab

Actor John Dumelo and colleague actor Prince David Osei clashed onset after the drama of the 2020 elections.

Prince David, remember, led a team of actors into Ayawaso West Wuogon to specifically campaign against Dumelo in his bid to unseat Lydia Alhassan as Ayawaso MP.

The move was a clear act of betrayal of a colleague actor who theoretically could enter Parliament and champion the needs of the creative arts sector.

Dumelo went on to lose the election.

In a video we’ve spotted online, John and Prince David met for the first time since the betrayal, and quite disappointing there was no ‘vawulence’ involved.

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The two had a calm chat like mature adults and went their way, although it looked like Prince David was bleeding inside.

Dumelo was looking calm, sitting in his ‘one corner’ when Prince David guiltily approached him.

Watch the video below:

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