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VIDEO: Man beaten mercilessly after being caught red-handed in bed with a married woman

This poor Kerewa starved man was beaten mercilessly after he was busted in bed with a married woman 

When it comes to cheating and 2020 has been a year in terms of these cheating escapes and shenanigans.

Many men and women are busy cheating on their spouses and it’s really becoming serious.

In the video below the man being beaten is a close friend of the man who was currently cheating with his wife.

He was a driver and he used to deliver goods to the wife of his friend who he made a move on.

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The lady is said to have escaped from the scene leaving her ‘partner-in-crime facing the music alone.

From the video, the men assaulting him are heard admonishing him for abusing the trust of his friend.

Watch the video below :

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