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VIDEO: Massive reactions as two Ola Girls caught doing this

Ola Girls Senior High School students have turned the school into a drinking den, with boozing as the second course.

School is meant to be a place of learning where morals and character are established, but these girls have become addicted to alcoholic beverages in the name of having fun and enjoying their time at school.

In the video, teen females are seen sharing “Kpo Keke” and Coca-Cola. It’s upsetting to witness little females of such a tender age have an alcoholic mindset.

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Alcohol is the sole psychoactive substance most commonly used by adolescents in Ghana, according to studies. Because it contributes to the primary causes of adolescent morbidity and mortality, adolescent alcohol consumption is a significant health problem.

Well, watch the video in the link below and tell us what you think in the comment box below, and don’t forget to follow for more updates.

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