VIDEO: Passengers stranded as Dambai Ferry breaks down


The ferry transporting passengers and their goods on the River Oti to Accra has broken down at Dambai, the capital of the Oti region.

It is said to have developed an engine fault leading to growing frustration among dozens of passengers including traders and drivers of vehicles, it was ferrying.

Adom News Mubarak Yakubu reports that some of the passengers spent the Thursday night in Dambai thinking the ferry could be repaired.

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According to them, the road leading to the Northern region through the eastern corridor is blocked for construction works so their only option is to use the ferry from Dambai.

They say their choice is either to wait for the broken down ferry to be fixed or risk traveling on engine boats without life jackets.

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However, they have been stranded and call on the government to either change the ferry or get a bridge on the river to aid the movement of commuters and goods.

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