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VIDEO: Reactions as Mother and son caught stealing clothes from a boutique

A mother and her toddler were caught on camera robbing a store.

According to a CCTV camera put inside the boutique, a mother and her kid, who is believed to be younger than ten years old, joined up to steal from a business.

When the mother and son entered the store, they seemed to be shopping, but their genuine intention was to steal.

She told her kid to be mischievous in the store and to let loose with some of the merchandise.

To keep her son from playing with the store’s items, the mother had the shop attendant hand over her phone to him and had him play a game while she went shopping.

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The boy hung up and handed the phone to his mother, who continued window shopping.

The way the son went to the business counter to grab the daily sales just to discover the shop’s CCTV screen makes everything look like a well-planned heist.

The discovery that the shop had a CCTV camera recording everything made the son anxious.

He moved to startle his mother, but she couldn’t grasp what he was attempting to communicate with his current movements.

The child began acting erratically in an attempt to persuade the mother that they had been seen on camera by the CCTV camera, but the mother was skeptical and moved on to another section of the store.

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Watch the video below:


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