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VIDEO: Thief gets caught, forced to demonstrates how he steals people’s phone at night

The evil act of an experienced phone thief has been exposed. The phone thief was eventually caught and he was made to explain how he was able to steal them.

The popular saying ‘every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner’ sure rings true going by several stories of thieves who have been caught red-handed.

Not everyone is financially buoyant but they still make do with what they have and try to make an honest living.

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However, there are some other sets of people who choose to make money through illegal means, not minding the effect it would have on their victims. recently came across a viral video where a young man who was trying to a phone was caught in the act.

After he was apprehended, he was ordered by the boys to go through each step he uses to steal people’s phone using a stick.

Watch the video below 

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