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VIDEO: Three young men allegedly trying to steal ballot box gunned down by Policemen

A viral video on social media reveals how some young men were gunned down by policemen in their quest to steal some ballot boxes.

The who scene looked like a scene from a Rambo movie especially with the swiftness with which the Policemen apprehended the culprits.

It is unclear which polling station the incident happened but from what we could see in the video, they were three Young men in all with two of them on a getaway motorcycle waiting for the last person to steal the ballot box and run away with it.

They managed to pass three policemen but unfortunately for them, more policemen arrived at the scene and apprehended them. One of the culprits was shot after he tried to run. The whole video looked like it was staged, and it was probably a skit to caution people on what will happen to them if they tried to steal the ballot box.

Watch the video below while we investigate the matter and bring you more updates soon…


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