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VIDEO: Young Wesley Girls student cries for help to be saved from her rich abusive husband

We have come across a sad story of a Wesley Girls student who is in her 20s and it is a heartbreaking one.

According to the lady, she has on several occasions been abused by her rich husband and she is appealing to Ghanaians to help her out.

The lady said she has been married for less than two years but the abuse she is receiving from her husband who is rich is unbearable.

The lady who is a former student of Wesley Girls Senior High School in a video was shedding uncontrollable tears saying she is unemployment because her husband has refused to allow her find a job.

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She added that she a mother of two and a product of the University of Cape Coast, and her husband always abuse her for no reason.

“I have been married for less than two years. My husnabd did this to me, his family is quiet affluent. I have two kids with him. I am from a very poor home, I need a lawyer. I am jobless because he didn’t want me to work. I don’t have money for a lawyer, I am a product od Wesley Girls. Ghana, please help me,” the teary young lady said.

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Watch the video below.

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